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Individual NaBITA Membership    $169.00
Campus Standard NaBITA Membership $639.00
Campus Enhanced NaBITA Membership $1199.00
Campus Charter NaBITA Membership $2200.00
Corporation/Organization/Non-Profit Basic NaBITA Membership $1000.00
Corporation/Organization/Non-Profit Standard NaBITA Membership    $2500.00
Corporation/Organization/Non-Profit Enhanced NaBITA Membership $5000.00
Corporation/Organization/Non-Profit Charter NaBITA Membership  $8000.00
NaBITA Individual Membership Renewal $169.00
NaBITA Standard Membership Renewal $639.00
NaBITA Enhanced Membership Renewal $1199.00
Case Manager NaBITA Membership $169.00
NaBITA Case Manager Membership Renewal $169.00

If you are unsure about your or your institution’s membership status, please contact or 484-321-3651 prior to registering for this training event.