NaBITA Co-Sponsored Online Trainings

NaBITA, in conjunction with The NCHERM Group, created NCHERM Group Online Trainings: an endeavor to provide quality, distance learning education and discussion opportunities to colleges and universities across the country and around the world.

The NCHERM Group and its affiliated associations, SCOPEATIXA and NaBITA, have identified experts from numerous fields to bring you quality online programs that address the most pressing needs in threat assessment, prevention education, sexual assault response, higher education legal issues, administrative best practices, and risk management.

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New Trainings

Trainings are 90 minutes each. Price is $349 for access to online training recording and materials.

Beginning in Spring 2014, all new Online Trainings purchases from The NCHERM Group will include access to the recorded online training and any additional materials provided. Online Training recordings undergo a review and quality check before being made available for purchase or download.

Recent Trainings

Recordings now available for purchase!  Click here.

Overview of the Four NaBITA Tools

Key Components of an Online BIT

Coaching for the BIT Chair

What’s in a Name: The Role Counselors, Advisors and Clinicians Play on Campus

Readmission Requirements following a Psychological Crisis

Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Student Behavior in the Classroom

Training Front Office Staff to Identify, Report and Manage Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior

Managing the Suicidal Student on Campus

Forensic Threat Assessment: Hire a Specialist or Train Existing Staff?

Post-Vention and Suicide Response

The Role of Mental Health Professionals on the BIT

Air Traffic Control for Helicopter Parents

Fighting Mid-Semester Burnout and Stress

Ten Practical Ways to Reduce Liability for Suicidal Students on Campus

Addressing Two Dilemmas in Counseling: Mandated Treatment and Clery Reporting

Title IX and BITs

Counseling and Conduct: Working Together

Should I Write this Down? BIT Documentation Do’s and Don’ts

International Student Arrival: Preparing Your Campus’s Faculty and Staff

Separating Dangerousness from Anger: Assessing True Threat

Issues of Gender Violence in LGBT Communities

Responding to a Student Death

Managing Faculty and Staff Expectations Following a BIT Intervention

Update on the NaBITA Tool: What’s New?

BIT and Case Management Notes: 101

Addressing Risk Management in Study Abroad Programs

Federal Changes In Policy Concerning Suicidal & Dangerous Students: A Review Of Three Legal Cases

How to Advertise your BIT

Addressing Microaggression and Cultural Issues on the BIT

Developing and Assessing BIT Structure and Function: An Online Discussion

Implementing BITs Across a Multi-Campus Institution

Breaking Down Silos in Case Management

Trainings are 90 minutes each. Price is $249.99 per recording for 2013 trainings and $349 for 2014-2017 trainings.

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