Announcing the Free NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool App

In January 2017, NaBITA launched the first app version of the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool.  It is now available, free of charge, from the iTunes store (search for NaBITA). An Android version of the app is under construction and should be available by the spring.

TA Tool app itunes screenshotWhat does the app do?

The app is an automated version of NaBITA’s resource document 21 Questions: A Supplemental Flowchart for the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool, created to help Behavioral Intervention Teams use the NaBITA tool more consistently with each of the cases that come across the team’s radar. The app can be downloaded to team members’ IOS devices and then used to help guide the user to rate student, faculty and staff behavior on the D-Scale, Generalized Risk Scale and Hostility and Violence Scale. The app asks a series of questions to the user and then produces a summary page that can be “screen captured” and then emailed to be saved in the BIT’s electronic database.

Why does my Behavioral Intervention Team need an app?

Every two years, NaBITA conducts a national survey at NaBITA to ascertain the best practices in behavioral intervention across the country. The 2016 survey results found that only 34% of teams are using the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool on each case that comes to the team. One of NaBITA’s training goals for 2017 is to encourage BITs to use an objective risk rubric on each case that comes to the team to ensure consistency in interventions and reduce potential bias and subjective decision-making that can lead to erratic intervention and legal risk. One way to encourage teams to use the tool is to make it easily accessible on an app, as well as by providing supplemental supports such as 21 Questions.

Please visit the iTunes App Store and search for “NaBITA” to download the free app today!