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The NCHERM Group is the umbrella for eight linked organizations which serve to advance holistic, proactive prevention and risk management within K-12 schools and on college and university campuses. 


Maxient LLC

As the nation’s foremost provider of student conduct administration software, Maxient offers a one-stop, completely customizable, web-based solution that fits college and university budgets in these tight economic times.  In addition to increasing office productivity, Maxient’s Conduct Manager suite features tools specifically designed to assist behavioral intervention teams in connecting the dots.  Founded by individuals who previously worked in student affairs, their experience in the field shows with a product that is highly functional and very intuitive.

Congratulations to Maxient on being named the recipient of the 2010 NaBITA Award of Excellence!  For more information, please click here.


The Campus Assistance Program

The Campus Assistance Program is a nationwide provider of customized 24/7 behavioral health counseling and support services.  Through our proven programs, we help students thrive – emotionally, academically and financially – while also helping to prevent campus violence.  (A division of Health Management Systems of America.)  Click here to download a copy of the CAP brochure.

360° Stay Safe at College

360° Stay Safe at College

Without the right information, college and university students are increasingly at risk when violent crime, school shootings and Internet stalking are on the rise. 360° Stay Safe is an organization focused on being the single-best source of information on personal safety and security. The “Stay Safe at College” DVD is a new personal safety training program geared specifically for the millennial generation that helps students understand how crimes are perpetrated, and offers helpful prevention and avoidance techniques.

Congratulations to 360° Stay Safe on being named the recipient of the 2009 NaBITA Award of Excellence!  For more information, please click here.

The Pavela Report

The Pavela Report (TPR) is a widely cited resource on law and policy issues in higher education. In addition to analyzing new cases, summarizing state and federal reports, and providing comprehensive case studies, Gary Pavela (a Fellow of the National Association of College and University Attorneys) offers creative commentary readers will not find elsewhere. The Pavela Report appeals to educators who seek clear, concise, and substantive analysis.

Of special interest to NaBITA members: An updated TPR case study on classroom disruption and threats of violence.

Subscription offer: In 2011, TPR offers an introductory one year subscription for $90 (less than one-half the normal weekly subscription price). Just reply to this message (or send an e-mail to and your discounted subscription will begin immediately. Be sure to mention your NaBITA affiliation. New subscribers only.

by Social Science Automation offers a web-based service designed for security professionals to assess threatening communications regarding the likelihood of targeted violence. A psycholinguistic content analysis tool, Threat Triage is capable of evaluating large amounts of written communication in a matter of minutes allowing better allocation of resources to investigate and ultimately prevent serious crimes. Threat Triage was developed from established psycholinguistic research and is supported by results that have tested the product against real threats with known outcomes.


About Our Partners

NaBITA Partners pay a fee to be featured on this page. But, paying a fee is not the only qualification of those listed here. NaBITA’s executive staff feels a strong obligation to vet each of these companies and organizations before we allow them to become NaBITA Partners, because we know that our members trust us and know that we will only introduce them to reputable products, services and people who can help to advance the cause of behavioral intervention.

Before accepting a Partner’s application, NaBITA staff checks references and does due diligence. Therefore, our members can be assured that any NaBITA partner is reputable, and does what they claim to do. Should any member have information that calls into question the good name of any NaBITA Partner, we ask that you bring that information to the attention of the NaBITA Executive Director at once.

Every once in a while, we come across a Partner so well-respected and whose work is of such a high quality that we bestow upon them the NaBITA Endorsement of Excellence. When NaBITA endorses a product, service or organization, we are explicitly stating to our membership that we think they will benefit from this product, service or organization. We place the good name of NaBITA behind those we endorse, and stand by their product. The NaBITA Endorsement of Excellence cannot be bought. It can only be bestowed after time and trials prove the product, service or organization as a behavioral intervention best practice. To nominate a company, product, service or consultant for the NaBITA Endorsement of Excellence, please contact us at

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